How To Use Weibo (International Version) – A Fangirl Edition

Weibo is one of the biggest social media platforms in China used by a great number of celebrities and influencers. The platform is an effective tool for C-biz enthusiasts worldwide to quickly and proactively update Chinese entertainment news and discussions. However, only a few international fans are on Weibo, mostly because of the language barrier.

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Why The Order of Actors’ Names on Film Posters Matters

What is the reason behind the never-ending fan wars between Yang Zi’s and Wu Yifan’s fans for the first position on The Golden Hairpin”’s posters? Why does it matter whether Yang Yang’s or Dilireba’s name goes first on “You Are My Glory”’s posters? Let’s take a look at the implicit meaning behind the name order […]

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5 Chinese Celebrities Blacklisted By Mainstream Media

Chinese celebrities being blacklisted by mainstream media is not a new phenomenon in C-biz. It is not until when Zheng Shuang’s case happens that everyone can finally see how an official ban announcement from China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) looks like. She has been dropped by many major brands and blocked from all […]

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