Review: “Word Of Honor” Takes Me Back To My BL Fangirl Obsession

“Word Of Honor” (山河令) – the first competitor of “Boy love 101” (a term referring to dramas adapted from Chinese boy love novels) – has started airing since February 22nd, 2021. Since neither the main actors nor the original novel are particularly popular, no one really has any expectations about it. The drama turns out […]

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Why The Order of Actors’ Names on Film Posters Matters

What is the reason behind the never-ending fan wars between Yang Zi’s and Wu Yifan’s fans for the first position on The Golden Hairpin”’s posters? Why does it matter whether Yang Yang’s or Dilireba’s name goes first on “You Are My Glory”’s posters? Let’s take a look at the implicit meaning behind the name order […]

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