Top Chinese Film & Music Awards You Should Know

What do you know about the Chinese Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy? Let’s check out the list of major Chinese awards in movie, drama and music!

Five Major Chinese-language Movie Awards

  • Three Major Chinese-language Movie Awards comprise Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards, and Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards.
  • Mainland China’s Three Major Movie Awards include the Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards, People’s Hundred Flowers Awards, and China Huabiao Film Awards.
  • As of 2020, there are only 3 actresses that have won Best Actress awards at Three Major Chinese-language Movie Awards (三金影后): Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi, and Zhou Dongyu.

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards (台北金马影展)

The Golden Horse Awards were founded in 1962 and held annually in November or December in Taiwan. It has the longest history in the Chinese-speaking movie awards. 

The 56th Golden Horse Awards 2019 saw a complete absence of films from Mainland China following a boycott by China’s national film governing board NRTA due to political tensions between Taiwan and China. The tensions sparked last year when Taiwanese director Fu Yue (left) said during her acceptance speech for the Best Documentary Award that she hoped Taiwan “could be treated as a truly independent entity.”

Hong Kong Film Awards (香港电影金像奖)

Founded in 1982, Hong Kong Film Awards are an annual film awards ceremony in Hong Kong which is held typically in April. The HKFA board is managed by 13 representatives from Hong Kong film professionals and votes are cast by local filmmakers, critics, film professionals, etc. to select the awards winners.

The 39th Hong Kong Film Awards sparked controversies when Better Days swept off many awards including Best Screenplay Award despite the accusation of plagiarism.

Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards (中国电影金鸡奖)

The Golden Rooster Awards were originally held annually since its beginning in 1981. In 1992, the Golden Rooster Awards were combined with the Hundred Flowers Awards. The awards were held in alternate years since 2005, with the Golden Rooster taking place in odd years. Movies released in the recent 2 years will be evaluated for the awards.

People’s Hundred Flowers Awards (大众电影百花奖)

The Hundred Flowers Awards were founded in 1962 and are held every two years since 2005. It allows audiences to cast votes through SMS, the Internet, or by phone call. The Hundred Flowers Awards are called the “Audience Awards” as the results reflect the audience’s views and opinions on the films.

China Huabiao Film Award (中国电影华表奖)

Founded in 1994, the Huabiao Awards are a government award that reflects the government’s support and encouragement for the Chinese film industry. The Huabiao Awards could be given to multiple nominees for each category.

Three Major Chinese Drama Awards

The actors and actresses who have won every award in the three major Chinese Drama Awards (as of 2020):

  • Actors: Zhang Guoli, Chen Baoguo, Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Jiayi, Sun Honglei
  • Actresses: Sa Rina, Jiang Wenli, Yin Tao, Sun Li

China TV Drama Flying Apsaras Awards (中国电视剧飞天奖)

The Flying Apsaras Awards are also known as the Feitian Awards which are the “government award” in the Chinese television industry. It was first held in 1981 and started taking place in alternate years since 2005 along with the Golden Eagle Awards, with the Flying Apsaras Awards in odd years.

China TV Golden Eagle Awards (中国电视金鹰奖)

The China TV Golden Eagle Awards were established in 1983 and are held every two years since 2005. It’s considered a “professional award” in the television industry. 

After the 29th Golden Eagle Awards, there was a huge wave of negativity towards the award winners, specifically for Dilireba who was chosen as the Golden Eagle Goddess (the mascot of the award) and simultaneously won Best Actress and Most Popular Actress Awards for her unimpressive performance in the drama “Pretty Li Huizhen”

Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Awards (上海电视节白玉兰奖)

Although not being national awards like Flying Apsaras and Golden Eagle Awards, Magnolia Awards are still considered one of the most influential and prestigious awards in the Chinese television industry. The awards are held as a part of the Shanghai Television Festival (上海电视节), the first and one of the largest television festivals in East Asia. 

Chinese Top Music Awards

Golden Melody Awards & Festival (台湾金曲奖)

Among Chinese-language music awards, the Golden Melody Awards & Festival (台湾金曲奖) are the closest Chinese counterpart to the Grammy Awards. GMA is an honor awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan which is held every year in June in Taiwan. 

31st Golden Melody Awards & Festival

Many more awards have been found to become one of the Chinese prestigious music awards but none of them has made a reputation in the long-run just yet considering China’s relatively dull music scene. There are some notable Chinese-language music awards:

  • China’s Golden Record Awards (中国金唱片奖)
  • Chinese Top Ten Music Awards (东方风云榜)
  • CCTV-MTV Music Awards (CCTV-MTV音乐盛典)
  • China Music Billboard Awards (中国歌曲TOP排行榜颁奖)
  • Beijing Pop Music Ceremony (北京流行音乐典礼)
  • Chinese Golden Bell Awards For Music (中国音乐金钟奖)
  • And many more…


The Chinese-language entertainment scene has faced a transformation crisis. Awards ceremonies are believed to be influenced by relationships or popularity and market trends, or even worse, become “attendance awards” with the concept “everyone attending will bring home at least an award.” Even the biggest authoritative awards are facing numerous controversies. These major awards could advance an artist’s position in the industry, yet at the end of the day, industry insiders and the general public’s recognition is still the most important achievement.

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