8 Beijing Restaurants Loved by Chinese Celebrities

You love Chinese entertainment and wish to accidentally encounter your favorite celebrities? It’s not that easy considering China is a huge country. However, as a city full of celebrities, Beijing is where your chance of running into them is relatively high, especially at the 8 restaurants below.

辣府 – Spicy House

Celebrities at Spicy House

Spicy House is such a hit among the celebrities with more than 300 stars are said to regularly visit this hot pot restaurant every year. Even Aaron Kwok, Carina Lau, Jam Hsiao, Kenny Lin, Fish Leong, Zhu Yilong, and other celebrities all lined up for the tasty hot pot there. The restaurant’s atmosphere, as well as hot pot taste, are strong and compelling in a very unique way.

Celebrities at Spicy House
Celebrities recorded variety shows at Spicy House.
Address: 三里屯路33号3.3大厦3006商铺  
Shop 3006, Building 3.3, 33 Sanlitun Road

茉莉餐厅 – Jasmine Restaurant

Jasmine restaurant is located on the edge of a lake of Beijing Worker’s Stadium, covered almost year-round with green grass. The restaurant is known for its creative, healthy and delicate Chinese food served with exquisite tableware. It is said that the restaurant’s owner was Faye Wong’s classmate. It attracts celebrities like Zhao Wei, Na Ying, Sun Nan, Zheng Jun, Wang Xuebing, Li Yapeng, etc. to visit many times.

Delicate food at Jasmine Restaurant

A scene in the dating show “If You Are the One” was shot in Jasmine Restaurant.
Address: 朝阳区工人体育场东门院内10号看台对面
Opposite to Stand 10, East Gate, Workers Stadium, Chaoyang District

南馆烤串 – Nanguan Grilled Skewers

Nanguan Grilled Skewers is loved by many top celebrities

Since Eason Chan comes to Nanguan Grilled Skewers so often, many fans jokingly call it “Eason Chan skewers shop.” Besides Eason Chan, many celebrities such as Jaycee Chan, Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong, Karen Mok, Fan Bingbing, Zhao Wei, etc. also love the tasty skewers there. Although the shop is small, the taste is incredible, especially its traditional lamb skewers and backstraps.

Address: 地安门东大街119号
No. 119, Di'anmen East Street

乐三里屯面馆 – Le Sanlitun Noodle House

Le Sanlitun Noodle House

Although the space is relatively small and the crowd is always huge, it’s hard to resist the temptation to have a delicious noodle bowl from Le Sanlitun Noodle House. It’s easy to find a long queue outside the famous restaurant everytime you pass by. Its specialties are minced pork noodles, sliced eggplant and spicy chicken. Celebrities like Jam Hsiao, Christine Fan, Chen Jianzhou, Yu Quan, Bao Bei’er, Vivian Hsu, Jolin Tsai, etc. are all regular customers here.

Celebrities snapped some shots at Le Sanlitun Noodle House

Address: 朝阳区三里屯北路3.3商场5楼5007室
Room 5007, 5th Floor, 3.3 Shopping Mall, Sanlitun North Road, Chaoyang District

梧桐餐厅 – Wutong Restaurant

Wutong Restaurant

The restaurant’s setup and decoration are paradisiacal with flowing water, glass rooms, and outdoor tables. Each dish is a work of art with creative mixes between Chinese and Western styles. The restaurant also pays attention to delivering healthy food with less oil, less salt, and no MSG. With elegance and sophistication in every detail, no wonder Wutong is the 1st option of big names like Faye Wong, Liu Ye, Stefanie Sun, Gong Li, Ren Dahua, Ren Xianqi, Li An, etc. when it comes to luxurious dining experiences.

Inside the Wutong Restaurant

Address: 朝阳区芳园西路6号
No. 6 Fangyuan West Road, Chaoyang District

馥园餐厅 – Fu Yuan Restaurant 

Fu Yuan Restaurant 

Fu Yuan is a well-known Sichuan restaurant in the heart of Beijing. The restaurant is frequently visited by celebrities such as Carina Lau, Alyssa Chia, Na Ying, etc. The stars love its healthy vegetable buns; and it has the best egg tart in Beijing!

Address: 朝阳区霄云路26号鹏润酒店2楼
2F, Pengrun Hotel, 26 Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District 

杨家火锅 – Yang Hot Pot

Being known as Faye Wong‘s favorite Chongqing authentic hot pot restaurant, Yangjia Hot Pot attracts huge crowds willing to wait for an hour or two for a table. The restaurant is not easy to find as it’s hidden in a residential building, but the moment you enter the door, the sight and atmosphere are strongly reminiscent of Chongqing’s hot pot restaurants. The hot pot soup base is Chongqing authentic, especially the spicy pot. It is delicious when paired with tender beef and dipped in Yang’s secret ingredients. Wang Sicong, Li Yifeng, Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu, etc. are frequent visitors there.

Faye Wong’s favorite

Yang Hot Pot is loved by many celebrities

Address: 东城区春秀路幸福二里
Xingfu Erli, Chunxiu Road, Dongcheng District 

MustGuette红邮筒餐厅 – MustGuette Red Post Restaurant

Lu Han posed at MustGuette Red Post Restaurant

If you encounter an outstanding red mailbox while wandering Sanlitun’s streets, it must be from MustGuette Red Post Restaurant where celebrities such as Lu Han, Ming Dao, Bao Bei’er, Angela Chang, etc. like to visit. With American casual styled decoration surrounded by wine bottles from Europe and other countries, the restaurant is also an ideal check-in location for many internet hot girls and hot boys. The restaurant serves various British brunches and afternoon teas.

Address: 三里屯南区2号楼一层S2-11
S2-11, 1st Floor, Building 2, Sanlitun South District

If you have a chance to visit Beijing, don’t hesitate to check these restaurants out. When luck is on your side, perhaps the person sitting next to your table is your favorite celebrity!!!

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