Types of C-biz Fans You Should Know

Fandom culture is an indispensable part of the Chinese entertainment industry. As it is growing greatly in size and diversity, there are more types of C-biz fans than we think we know. What are the most popular ones?

By age or mentality

Mom fans (妈妈粉 – mama fen)

This group of fangirls is usually older than their idols, but, not all of them actually are. They’re one of, if not the most protective type of fans. They treat the grown-up celebrities like they’re their real children. They love to pamper their idols and protect them at all costs. Mom fans can be control freaks sometimes.

What they say:

“It’s cold outside, put on more clothes!!!”

“You are still a child, you can’t do that.”

“Baby, listen to mommy!!!”

Stepmom fans (后妈粉 – houma fen)

They’re basically mom fans, but they try not to spoil their “kids” by showing the edgy & sarcastic sides toward the idols. However, they’re the only ones who can criticize their idols. If you’re trying to hurt their “kids” even in the slightest degree, you’re so dead!

What they say:

To idols: “OMG kid you’re real dumb”

To anti-fans: “Don’t you dare to talk shit about my child whose IQ & EQ are recognized by the general public”

Girlfriend fans (女友粉 – nvyou fen) or Wife fans (老婆粉 – laopo fen)

Similar to mom fans, they are also concerned about every single move of their idols, but more from the perspective of a girlfriend or wife. Their devotion and fighting power are amazing which is highly beneficial to the idols in terms of traffic and support. But they’re also the most dangerous type when it comes to idols’ love scandals.

What they say:

“Aaaaa hubby I love you”

“You’re so handsome/hot” 

By preference

Solo fans/ Solo stans (唯粉 – weifen)

They only like one specific individual (in a music/ film/ show group) and don’t bother laying eyes on others.

Toxic solo fans/ Akgae (毒唯 – duwei)

“Duwei” literally means “toxic solo fans,” similar to Korean akgae, they only like one specific individual (in a music/ film/ show group) and dislike others to the point they’re willing to participate in fan wars against others.

Group fans (团粉 – tuanfen)

Their hearts are generous, and, equally divided for all members of the group (usually idol/ music groups).

What they say:

“I love all of them equally.”

Couple fans/ CP fans/ Shippers (CP粉 – CP fen)

CP is short for “couple”. They ship a couple, or in other words, they love to see 2 specific people to be involved in a bromance/ romance relationship.

What they say:

“Why don’t they just get married already?”

By status or identity

Diehard fans (死忠粉 – sizhong fen)

Despite still being rational about mostly everything going on, diehard fans are the ones who will never give up on their idols no matter what happens, even huge scandals.

Life fans (生命粉 – shengming fen)

They are chill as hell. There isn’t the slightest idea of selfishness or ambition going through their minds. As long as their idols are alive, they’re good with that.

What they say:

“Being alive is good enough”

Career fans (事业粉 – shiye fen)

Opposite to life fans, career fans extremely care about their idols’ careers including their teams, resources, relationships, data, and development directions. These fans will likely be interested in idols who are relatively successful in their careers.

What they say:

“The publicity of the new drama is too bad, what is the team doing?”

“Baby you are our pride, we will accompany you to the top.”

Crazy fans (nc粉/ 脑残粉 – naocan fen)

“nc” stands for “naocan” (脑残), which literally means impaired brain/ moron. If a fan calls himself/ herself a crazy fan, it’s most likely he/ she is joking about how head over heels he/ she is for the idol. If a fan is criticized by others for being a crazy fan, it’s possible that he/ she is acting irrationally or using relatively extreme language, which easily brings a bad reputation to the idol. 

Rational fans (理智粉 – lizhi fen)

Contrary to crazy fans, rational fans are extremely calm on the outside to avoid any conflict and potential bad reputation to their idols. However, different from life fans, they’re chill but still care about other aspects and have their own expectations towards the idols. They’re always at the back, dedicated to supporting idol’s work. 

Passerby fans (路人粉 – luren fen)

They are passersby who haven’t fully invested their time, effort & emotion in the idols, but they do have good impressions about the idols. Passerby fans could be a starting point for any other fans.

Anti fans (黑粉 – hei fen)

“Hei fen” literally means “black fans.” These people hate the idols and might be willing to do many things to smear them.

Sisheng / Sasaeng (私生)

Rooted from Korean sasaeng, sisheng aren’t really considered fans because of their extreme, crazy manners. They like to follow, peek and sneak photos of idols’ personal lives as well as non-public schedules.


Fangirling is a great source of joy and compassion where our inner universe centers on one or some people that we adore a lot. Yet it still sucks when there are tears, anger, and distress. Emotional ups and downs sometimes are fine, but long-lasting emotional toxicity isn’t fine. Being positive people will make our lives much brighter. Fangirling should be a happy and positive experience. 

There are many types of fangirls. We can choose to be such types that suit ourselves. Same as making our life decisions, choose wisely!

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